What is Rest and Motion with easy Examples

Define Rest in Physics

When a body does not alternate its position with admiration to its surrounding, it way that the frame is in relaxation (Rest). The surrounding way the places inside the neighborhood of that frame in which a few are more (diverse) gadgets are present.

What is Motion Explain with Example in Physics?

 On the other aspect a frame or Body is called in Motion, if it modifications its role with recognize to its surrounding. It method that the body isn't always in relaxation as it adjustments its position.

Define Linear Motion in General form

In nature, a frame could be stated to be in motion if it modifications its function with appreciation to a reference issue and time. At the same time as describing the linear motion, we require an excellent coordinate axis on the side of time to give an explanation for the motion of a particle then its miles said to be in linear motion or rectilinear movement. In linear motion, the debris will skip from one point to some other aspect both in an immediate line or a curved route. Depending at the course of motion linear motion is further subdivided divided as
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